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Most images on the site are copyright © to the original artist.  Other images belong to their relevenat copyright holders and are noted as such and are not for sale.  i.e. National Trust images. There are no public domain images held on this site.  You may not sell, publish, or otherwise distribute any of the images either via printed copies or via any electronic means without written consent of the copyright holder.   You may not copy any of the images or place them on any other web site without written consent of the copyright holder.  The above restrictions apply to images in their entirety or any part thereof.

Rights to publish images can be purchased by negotiation with the copyright holder.  Please see the About link for sample charges and use the Feedback link for contact.  Once rights are granted to reproduce an image then the image must only be used within the rights granted.  Extension to purchased rights can be negotiated with the copyright holder via on request.

Rights to use images come in four principal versions.  Rights Protected or RP (sometimes called “Rights Managed" or just “licensed"), Exclusive Rights Protected or ERP (also called “Competitive Restriction Controls", “Protected Rights" or just “exclusive"), Royalty Free and Public Domain.  There are no Royalty Free or Public Domain images on the site at this time.

Rights Protected are the usual method of selling images for commercial use in advertising, newspapers, magazines etc.  The rights that can be purchased vary between organisations, but here they are granted using some or all of the following criteria:

  • Where the image is to be used.  e.g. United Kingdom, Europe etc.
  • What the image will be used for.  e.g. Book, magazine etc.
  • The ‘run’ of the publication.  e.g. 1000-10,000.
  • The size the image in the publication.  e.g. ½ page, full page.
  • The length of time over which the image can be used.

Exclusive Rights Protected is an enhancement to Rights Protected for organisations that do not want to see an image to which they have purchased rights appearing in a competitors publication.  ERP can be purchased on the length of time the exclusivity is to last and/or the region in which the image is used.  ERP rates will be negotiated separately at the time of purchase, or can be applied for at a later date.

NOTE: the administrators of will take all reasonable care that images purchased with ERP are not sold again during the time, or in the area to which the purchased rights apply.  Compensation for any mistakes made by administrators of will be limited to a full refund for the image concerned.  No compensation will be made for any loss, actual or perceived, from a failure to correctly administer the ERP.  Should a third party who has purchased rights to an image use the image in an area for which a customer has purchased ERP, in breach of the rights assigned by to the third party, then is under no obligation to compensate the holder of the ERP or undertake any action against the third party.

Royalty Free images are not the same as Public Domain.  Royalty Free are images that are sold without any restrictions over their use, other than having a caveat that they cannot be passed onto a third party.  They are often distributed in batches on theme based CD’s.  There are currently no Royalty Free images on this site.

Images placed in the Public Domain can be used in any way whatsoever, including being modified, placed with other images onto CD’s etc, without any fees being paid.  Although it is a common courtesy to keep the artist name with the image.  There are currently no Public Domain images on this site.

All images on this site are supplied without either a Property Release or Model Release, except where explicitly mentioned by the image.  

It is generally assumed that all photographs taken in the public domain, basically anything around you that you can see without paying, do not need a release.  On that basis images taken within the public domain are marked on this site as having a release.  See the disclaimer below.

Also considered to be in the public domain are public buildings, wildlife, monuments and some historic homes.  Most images on this site are taken in the public domain.   Potential purchasers can make use of the image description to help ascertain whether a release is required.  For example, The National Trust, whose properties and gardens feature in many images on this site, reserve full copyright over any images taken on their properties.  Therefore I am unable to sell any images taken on National Trust property.  I hope you'll enjoy them and that they will prompt you to pay them a visit.  The National Trust maintain a large professional collection of images for sale at  Remember that what is considered Public Domain may be different between your local jurisdiction and those where the image was captured.

Disclaimer - No information supplied on the site, or communicated by its representatives, should be taken as legal advice, especially on matters concerning model and property releases.  On request the administrator can supply additional information about circumstances concerning the creation of a particular image when that information is known.  Again, that information whether supplied in written or oral form does not constitute legal advice and is provided on a good faith basis.  It is the purchasers responsibility to ensure that he/she has the correct model or property releases for the intended use.

The administrators hope that none of the images cause offence to anyone viewing them or infringe against any copyrights or trademarks, but does not accept responsibility for any loss resulting from this site.  Any complaints regarding offence, copyright and trademarks should be made using the feedback page and will be dealt with promptly.

Links to other sites are supplied to assist the web user but the destinations are not controlled in any way by this sites administrators and so we cannot therefore be held accountable for what might be on them.

The web site is run by a private individual in order to make available to the wider public the results of his interest in photography.  It should therefore be thought of as a hobby or personal site.  It is not registered as a business and is not therefore registered for VAT.